Tactical Training Featured on Modern Shooter TV

Navy Seal Intensity

MAST Solutions’ Tactical Training was recently featured on the popular TV program, Modern Shooter. The episode goes in depth into the psychology and the tactical mentality professional operators hone in this intense Navy Seal training course. Former Navy Seal, Ray “Cash” Care takes his extensive experience and knowledge as a special forces operator and takes MAST Solutions training to the highest level of intensity and precision. The physical and mental fatigue this training demands, however, is well worth it for the military, law enforcement and civilians who step up to the challenge. As Modern Shooter documents, each pint of sweat shed while training saves a gallon of blood in the real world.

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This is our city #Harvey

MAST Solutions live-fire training postponed.   Mother Nature brought us Harvey.  We stand in an unbroken line of readiness, shoulder to shoulder with our community.  We are all patriots.  All impacted and all stronger.  Houston and our surrounding cities sustained catastrophic damage and flooding precipitating massive loss to homes,  business, and supply chain logistics.  We are forced to postpone all classes scheduled within the first couple of weeks in September 2017.  We hope you understand, and God Bless Texas!

How to get thru Ranger School

How to get thru Ranger School.  What a great read!

Here’s How To Succeed at Life

I think this little list of things and advice can very easily be carried over into just about anything you pursue in life:

  • Master the basics
  • Know yourself
  • Embrace differences and use them to strengthen the team
  • Work hard
  • Be a good dude

What’s the secret to passing Ranger School?

I get this question asked of me a lot and I’ve probably given this little spiel in varying levels of detail a hundred times over the years, from the time I was a cherry tab laying it down for my roommate until now as I correspond with newly commissioned infantry.

A number of people have spoken on this, a guy even wrote a whole book once; their accounts aren’t bad ones, and you should soak up all you can. But my advice now after pumping hundreds of people into that course would be different from what I’d say the day after I graduated.

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Ranger Proof Slings

This is by far the best version of the best sling on the market (in my opinion).

Ranger Proof makes quality, 100% USA made and sourced slings, tested and refined by 75th dudes.

I buy and recommend Ranger Proof not just because it’s vetted by some serious dudes I trust (vetting done in full battle rattle), or because it’s 100% hand stitched from products sourced, built, designed, packaged and delivered in the US…it’s because The guys that run the business, give a 100% guarantee on the product (for whatever reason…if you get bored of it you can send it back and they will refund your money without question).

They don’t care what your policies are, what branch you may or may not have served in, or your affiliations. They only care about their product, and their customers.

LMK what color you want. Black. Green. Tan. Pink. Cost is $70 per unit and shipping will be applied based on destination.

Product Review: Frog Performance


Frog Performance - Frog Fuel Featured

Frog Performance: Get Your Frog Fuel On!

by Josh Anderson
M.S., PT, and Founder of DIY Active

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Gear – What you need, what you don’t

When it comes to “kitting up” people tend to feel overwhelmed, go overboard, or feel intimidated.  Gear = Tools.  Not all tools work for you, or for the task at hand.

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