This course purpose is to enhance your skill at arms with the carbine and handgun within structures while experiencing a controlled scenario and aggressors. It includes multiple shoot house runs (low light and no light runs), singleton and in 2 man teams. This course is more suited to military and police, as well as civilians who meet the requirements.

This course is a practical exercise conducted at a shoot house (day one) and the live-fire range (day two). The student will demonstrate movement, shooting platforms, stoppage clearance, marksmanship and multiple threats while working in a structure with Op 4 aggressors. This is a two day course with material that covers angles, movement, low-light, thinking during duress, fundamental weapons handling and shoot / no-shoot training.


This is a medium to high energy course. It is necessary that applicants have certain skills prior to attending this course. At the minimum, successful completion of a previous handgun and carbine course (military, police or commercial) is requested.


Training is divided into the following modules:

I. Individual skills for handgun concealment (day I)
II. CQC with strikes and disarm options (day I)
III. Combined skills (day II)
IV. Low light operations (evening I)
V. Practical exercise and live fire (day I, and II)

This course is physically and mentally demanding. If you have any doubt your current conditioning, please send the MAST team a note so we can advise. Above all, safety first.

NO FIREARMS WILL BE PERMITTED ON YOUR PERSON, DAY I INSIDE OF THE SHOOTHOUSE. WE WILL CHECK IN ALL PERSONAL FIREARMS AND TRIPLE CHECK DURING THE SAFETY BRIEF. If you are seen handling any firearm for any reason at anytime you will be asked to leave. A locked secure area will be provided for your EDC (every day carry).

  • Firearms safe handling procedures
  • Combat marksmanship fundamentals (apply knowledge from day I, force-on-force)
  • Shooting and its relationship to target distance (apply knowledge from day I, force-on-force)
  • Surgical shooting and target discrimination (apply knowledge from day I, force-on-force)
  • Movement and fluidity of fundamentals
  • Strong and support side transitions
  • Shooting from cover and barricades
  • At least 3 serviceable M4 magazines, as well as the ability to carry them on your body
  • At least 2 pistol magazines, holster and mag carrier
  • Long shirt, pants, closed toe shoes
  • Paintball mask are not required but recommended to bring your own. We provide facial protection if you don’t have your own.
  • Airsoft gun: only if you have it (and green gas) however not necessary as we will provide
  • Electronic EarPro (able to shut off while wearing) or plugs
  • Clear or tinted EyePro
  • Carbine — Weapon mounted white light is recommended
  • Pistol—weapon mounted white light is recommended
  • Hand held light
  • Sufficient batteries for all of your equipment
  • Ammunition: 300 rds 5.56x45mm or .223 Ball and 100 rds pistol ammunition
  • Combat marksmanship
  • Handgun to 100m
  • Carbine CQC
  • Surgical shooting and target discrimination
  • Multi-target discrimination. Shoot, only as fast as you can see, think and process all information. Accuracy development under duress
  • 360 degree movement
  • Closed space;constricted ops in vehicle,crowds and other spaces with concealed handgun and primary deployment in CQC
  • Using force;progression of force as it relates to the escalation of deadly force and the production of a firearm from concealment
  • One handed manipulations/malfunctions,reloads and the combination of the support hand with extended operations
  • Develop abilities to work with both systems under duress dexterity, accuracy and either strong / weak sides
  • Low light and no light with medical integration
  • Operate while applying self aid during low light
  • Shooting from cover, concealment, multi-layer barricades, vehicles, and with medical integration
  • Handgun and support gear including 3 mags
  • Carbine (rifle) and support gear including 4 mags
  • Proper holster, holster should be snug to your waistline
  • Magazine carrier and or chest rig
  • Eyes and ear pro (electronic is recommended)
  • Glow sticks
  • Handheld lights and weapon mounted
  • Scooby Snacks
  • H20 and lunch
  • Knee and Elbow pads
  • Gloves
  • Additional magazines
  • Cleaning kit for weapons maintenance
  • Pen and paper
  • Baseball style hat