Simplicity is the Answer to success. If it’s “difficult” you won’t execute.

In this one day class the student will learn to safely handle and shoot their firearm, in a group environment.Shooting a gun is simple; doing so accurately and repeatedly, isn’t.This is a technical class, but after leaving this course you will be able to defend yourself with the skills the student has learned and practiced. This course is perfect for a beginner, or a shooter who is working at enhancing their technical skills. The fundamentals class breaks down the subsections of each skill set, so the student can digest it and master them. The student will accumulate technical skills, to accurately and safely shoot a weapon system. In many cases for professionals, this course is taken throughout the year. 


The goal of this course is to have students learn and demonstrate the fundamentals of handgun marksmanship and perform manipulation techniques. This course is a practical exercise conducted at a live-fire range. The student will demonstrate movement, shooting platforms, malfunctions, marksmanship, multiple target transitions, standards to the satisfaction of the instructor.

These 1-3 day courses cover all fundamental manipulations, one handed manipulations and current defensive curriculum. The students will gain knowledge of low light “limitations” and explore low light advantages.


Training is divided into the following modules:  Handgun I-V beginning with Individual skills and development.  This is accomplished first with OTW holster.  After safe weapons handling is observed, the student can work the handgun from concealment.  As the process of fundamentals and base performance is achieved, working into next courses is recommended up to advanced level courses.  Learning to use your pistol in low-light conditions is an overlooked skill set, and we introduce low-light after handgun I.  All course work is a practical exercise on a live fire range and can be mentally and physically demanding as you progress through the handgun program. If you have any doubt your current conditioning, please send the MAST team a note so we can advise.  Listed below are some of the POI (points of instruction) in the Handgun series.

  • Firearms safe handling procedures
  • Weapon operating theory
  • Loading, unloading and reloading procedures
  • Grip, sight picture and trigger control
  • Combat marksmanship fundamentals
  • Shooting stances and its relationship to target distance
  • Stoppages and remedies
  • Handgun
  • Proper holster (holster should be snug to your waistline)
  • Magazine carrier
  • 2 - 5 spare magazines
  • Eye pro (clear lenses for night shoots)
  • Hearing pro (electronic preferred)
  • 450 rounds (available for purchase)
  • Weapon cleaning kit
  • Hydration
  • Snacks
  • Lunch (if not purchasing from catering)
  • Sunscreen
  • Wet Wipes
  • Pen / Paper