Direct Action


Small Unit Tactics in Rural Areas “Move like one. Move like none.”

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MAST Solutions’ Direct Action course is designed to train law enforcement personnel in small unit operations in high threat rural environments. The SUTRA curriculum encompasses specific knowledge as it relates to small unit tactical operations.

The curriculum is divided into two parts: a common core of individual skills, and a team level tactical integration. Your specific training package will be determined after an initial interview with a MAST representative, to allow us to customize the course to your requirements.

Training is divided into the following modules:

  • Individual skills
  • Team integration
  • Night operations
  • Practical exercise and live fire

Practical Exercise/Live Fire
The training will conclude with a practical exercise based around your unit’s missions and responsibilities. The exercise will include a live fire course.

Night Ops
Night operations are the preferred method for surveillance work. Based on the standard individual and team tactics will be adapted to low light situations. Subject matter includes formations, navigation, stealth movement, LUP (laying up positions and patrol bases), communications, and reconnaissance/surveillance.

Individual Skills

  • Dressing for success- Weaponry and equipment considerations for rural terrain
  • Solo movement techniques- how to move silently and observantly, day and night
  • Land Navigation- Tactical navigation and route planning
  • Reconnaissance- How to properly reconnoiter hard targets and use sketch maps
  • Surveillance- long term observation from concealed locations (hides)
  • Escape and Evasion- Setting up an E&E plan in conjunction to LUP points

Team Tactics

  • Operational Concepts: Long and short range infiltration and exfiltration
  • Duties of the various team members
  • Command and Control: mission planning and operation orders
  • Movement Formations: movement in pairs, and the Triple Pair (6 man team)
  • Hand Signs: non verbal communication methods
  • Team SOPs: Immediate actions drills, crossing danger areas, actions at halts, procedures for extended stops, rally points, partisan linkups