Team Tactics

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This curriculum benefits: couples, partners, families, and friends. Learn to operate as a “team” from a vehicle, house, or office. “Shoot, move, communicate.”


The goal of this course is to have students learn and demonstrate the fundamentals of marksmanship and perform manipulation techniques with a partner. This course is a practical exercise conducted at a live-fire range. The students will demonstrate movement as it relates to the curriculum. The students will become proficient with working from a vehicle or other features. The learning environment will incorporate 180 degrees of target acquisition and the students will gain knowledge of low light limitations and demonstrate techniques to the instructor’s satisfaction.

POI (Points of Instruction)

  • Firearms safe handling procedures
  • Iron sights/optics-zeroing theory and application
  • Combat marksmanship fundamentals
  • Shooting platforms and its relationship to target distance and working with a partner
  • Surgical shooting and target discrimination with a partner
  • Shot priority
  • Movement as a team
  • Stoppages and malfunctions drills as a team
  • Low light and no light shooting skills as a team
  • Strong and support side as a team
  • Shooting from cover and barricades as a team

Required Kit

  • Functional primary (rifle) and secondary (handgun)
  • Four (4) carbine and three (3) handgun magazines
  • Chest rigs will be covered in class if you have one
  • Ear pro and eye pro
  • Primary weapon sling
  • A holster and magazine pouch that will retain your equipment when moving
  • Primary weapon mounted light
  • The ability to carry 3 magazines on your person


Recommended Kit

  • Weapons lube
  • Knee and Elbow pads (optional)
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Cleaning kit for weapons maintenance class