Meet the Buyers

Meet the buyers

Robert Holman, Ghentry Meeks, and Andrew Atkins have spent hours testing and fielding products as the MAST Solutions buyer team.  A message from our buyers.  MAST Solution’s is proud to offer a selection of survival tools, tactical gear, aerial surveillance and other valued Lifestyle products.

This year, we are redefining our brand through the science of design. The MAST team will be highlighting the best of the best in design, innovation, comfort, style, durability, and total performance.  Our hand chosen products that have been tirelessly tested in the intended elements and thoroughly vetted.

We help the adventurer and tacticians to “buy once” and keep the mind and body in motion.  Buy smart.  Buy once. Train smart and always jump into the arena because it is the ridiculously fun adventure called life!


The loudest and proudest member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 2011, I am a Licensed Paramedic with 9 years of field experience. After becoming an EMT in 2007 I have worked in both the rural and suburban setting. My diverse work experience has exposed me to many facets of the pre-hospital environment. I am comfortable with both the traditional EMS and tactical settings. I am proficient with advanced procedures and equipment associated with prolonged patient management and TCCC guidelines. I attended the Basic Tactical Operational Medical Support Course through Cypress Creek EMS in 2012 and currently serve as a SWAT Paramedic for a part–time team. I enjoy the challenges of tactical medicine and strive to “bring good medicine to bad places.”

  • TDSHS Licensed Paramedic
  • NREMT-Paramedic
  • American Heart Association Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • American Heart Association Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  • Advanced Medical Life Support
  • Prehospital Trauma Life Support
  • Certified Tactical Paramedic
  • American Heart Association Basic Life Support for Healthcare Provider
  • International Police Mountain Bike Association – EMS Cyclist

Matthew Brockmann - Founder

After completing many years of training with numerous respected instructors in the firearms and tactical communities, Matthew Brockmann founded MAST Solutions.

"11, SEPT 2001. From that moment forward I changed…as we all did." Matthew decided his skills are important to the overall community if applied properly...with context.  MAST is dedicated to teaching civilians to defend themselves, Law Enforcement to defend their community, and Military personnel to defend our Country.  A leading philosophy is to learn, practice, master, functionalize, and maintain our skills in a proficient, confident and responsible context, based on our perspective environments."

Matthew’s instructor check rides include: Col. Jeff Cooper, Clint Smith, Bruce Grey (Sig Academy), Paul Howe, Bill Jeans (Morgan Consulting), Gabe Suarez, Rob Pincus, Travis Haley, Chris Costa, Rigo Durazo (TACFLOW / CRAFT International) Surefire Institute and Stratigos, to name a few. Matthew is also registered with TX DPS as a Personal Protection Officer (PPO) and completed Expandable Tactical Baton, Aerosol Weapons OC / CS certifications, Private Investigative Courses and is a qualified Security Manager under Texas Private Security Bureau. Additionally, he has trained with and taught alongside Tier 1 Operators from different Military and Law Enforcement Groups around the country. Matthew Brockmann is sought after by other Law Enforcement groups throughout the state of Texas.

Torrey Kramer - Director of Training

Torrey Kramer honorably served in the US Army as an airborne infantryman from 2002-2005. During that time he was deployed to Afghanistan with with the 1/501PIR as a member of the Scout/Sniper platoon. After returning home he was honorably discharged and continued to sharpen his skills as a shooter, joining MAST Solutions in 2006. In 2009 he was called again to serve his country, and was attached to the 56th SBCT and deployed to Iraq as a member of a sniper team.  Torrey was medically retired due to injuries sustained in theater.  His leadership continues today with MAST Solutions and serves as Director of Training.