This is our city #Harvey

This is our city #Harvey

MAST Solutions live-fire training postponed.   Mother Nature brought us Harvey.  We stand in an unbroken line of readiness, shoulder to shoulder with our community.  We are all patriots.  All impacted and all stronger.  Houston and our surrounding cities sustained catastrophic damage and flooding precipitating massive loss to homes,  business, and supply chain logistics.  We are forced to postpone all classes scheduled within the first couple of weeks in September 2017.  We hope you understand, and God Bless Texas!

How to get thru Ranger School

How to get thru Ranger School.  What a great read!

Here’s How To Succeed at Life

I think this little list of things and advice can very easily be carried over into just about anything you pursue in life:

  • Master the basics
  • Know yourself
  • Embrace differences and use them to strengthen the team
  • Work hard
  • Be a good dude

What’s the secret to passing Ranger School?

I get this question asked of me a lot and I’ve probably given this little spiel in varying levels of detail a hundred times over the years, from the time I was a cherry tab laying it down for my roommate until now as I correspond with newly commissioned infantry.

A number of people have spoken on this, a guy even wrote a whole book once; their accounts aren’t bad ones, and you should soak up all you can. But my advice now after pumping hundreds of people into that course would be different from what I’d say the day after I graduated.

Ranger School is more a selection than a “school”. Not many people can list the tangible things they learned there and as many will tell you there isn’t much “Ranger” stuff that goes on. You go to get your tab, it’s a gate, one of the many herd thinning systems in place to set the special apart from the not so special…or in some cases the lucky from the unlucky. Here are what I think are the keys to success.

How To Successfully Pass Ranger School

The Physical Aspect. Google the standards for Ranger School; they’re all over the internets. Know that you won’t be tested in any of them under ideal conditions or on a flat course. Go being able to absolutely blow the minimum standards out of the water. You name a Murphy and it will happen to you: a grumpy grader, lack of sleep, didn’t get to eat, broken boot lace, or having to take a shit, something will go wrong for one or all of the events, so you need to be good enough where it isn’t the difference between passing or failing.

Academic Knowledge. I won’t rattle off the list of shit in the Ranger handbook but here’s the not so short list of the things you can’t fake your way through:

  1. How to do skill level one shit, meaning be a guy who can effectively operate as a saw gunner, or rifleman and not be a fuckup. Definitely be intimate in the fine art of the machine gun: a quick way to your squads heart is being the guy that can make the pigs squeal. Broken down machine guns means no-gos. Bad. Although it’s a leadership school, people need to be effective at the basics in order to be good followers; this is what gets you a go on our patrol.
  2. Land navigation and route planning. You need to pass a pretty easy land-nav course. That’s the easy part. But understanding terrain and planning routes is one of the best ways to ensure your patrol’s success. Don’t be the guy that walks your platoon up a draw on the first movement in Mountains! You wanna get peered out? That’s how you get peered out. If you’re the dude that can walk point for your squad all the time, you’ll be valuable, and being valuable is good. This comes down to rule #2 in life: Always know where you are.
  3. Block and Tackle/Basic Infantry Tactics.Remember what you’re there for. Don’t get so wrapped around the axle on what right “should” look like that you forget the basics of react to contact and raid/recon/ambush. Some of your dudes are shooting, which allows some of your other dudes to move closer to the bad guys…repeat until victory. Revert to this when things are going badly (with some gusto) and you can usually salvage what otherwise could have been a shit sandwich.
  4. The operations order. You don’t need to be a strategic planner, but you need to know how to write and pitch an order. This doesn’t just mean memorize the Ranger Handbook and have a good skeleton (which you should also do) but understand the “why” of every part of it.

Intangibles. Leadership is about getting people to do what you want, and Ranger School is made to make people not wanna do anything. Everyone is tired, hungry, wet and too hot or too cold. Everyone in your squad (including you) will have bad days where they’re worthless. They’ll also have days where for some reason they’re firing on all cylinders. Recognize these days in yourself (and don’t repeat them often) and in others so you can either back off guys for the good of the mission or pile on them for the good of the mission.

Surviving and Improving Ranger School

Everyone at Ranger School will have individual strengths and weaknesses based on their personality, physicality, and experiences. I went to School as a 19 year old PFC from a Ranger Battalion. I needed help writing an op order, but could keep the machine guns and saws running and was very used to being shit on all day everyday. I could carry heavy shit all the time, I was never so hungry that I was distracted, and I wasn’t a real bad drone to a point.

So here’s what I did: I gave big hungry guys some chow every once in awhile. I talked sensitive dudes off the ledge when we were getting hazed on mountains by making stupid jokes and laughing. And I carried gun gear and ammo…and batteries, and water, and skedkos. When I had to tackle planning I never had to go it alone.

My point is this: find what you’re good at and do it for everyone. Figure out what other guys are good at and make them do it for everyone. There’ll be a machine gun guy, a routes guy, a point man, a paragraph 3 guy, a sector sketch guy…..the list goes on. Just figure it out and make sure you’re one of those guys.

Ranger Proof Slings

This is by far the best version of the best sling on the market (in my opinion).

Ranger Proof makes quality, 100% USA made and sourced slings, tested and refined by 75th dudes.

I buy and recommend Ranger Proof not just because it’s vetted by some serious dudes I trust (vetting done in full battle rattle), or because it’s 100% hand stitched from products sourced, built, designed, packaged and delivered in the US…it’s because The guys that run the business, give a 100% guarantee on the product (for whatever reason…if you get bored of it you can send it back and they will refund your money without question).

They don’t care what your policies are, what branch you may or may not have served in, or your affiliations. They only care about their product, and their customers.

LMK what color you want. Black. Green. Tan. Pink. Cost is $70 per unit and shipping will be applied based on destination.

Product Review: Frog Performance


Frog Performance - Frog Fuel Featured

Frog Performance: Get Your Frog Fuel On!

by Josh Anderson
M.S., PT, and Founder of DIY Active

Next up in our product review series is Frog Performance protein called Frog Fuel: “Fueling Outperformance”. The guys at Frog Performance were kind enough to send me a bunch of samples so I could really get a grasp on their product.

Frog Performance offers 4 types of hydrolyzed collagen protein that come in 1.2 oz shots that are great for before, during, or after a workout.

Even though the guys that created Frog Fuel are former Navy Seals (Frogmen), you will still find my honest opinion below… I really, really hope they don’t hate this review… 🙂

Our Take On Frog Performance!


I was a little skeptical when it came to collagen protein. I’ve always been a whey protein user and understood that collagen protein in its natural state is not a complete protein because it lacks some essential amino acids that are essential for muscle repair and growth.

To make the collagen digestible at the cellular level it is hydrolyzed by an enzymatic process that makes it easier to absorb. In fact,  it has a rapid, near 100% absorption at the cellular level. That’s great, you are getting the goods and absorbing it rapidly but is what you are absorbing going to do anything for you? As I mentioned earlier it is an incomplete protein to begin with.

FrogLabelTo combat this, the guys at Frog Performance made sure to add all of the essential amino acids that were missing in order to make it a complete protein and therefore giving you everything you need to repair and grow muscles. For instance, tryptophan is missing in collagen but a considerable amount is added (along with other amino acids) to complete the protein.

Likewise, one of the amino acids I look for in a protein is leucine because it is one of the biggest contributing factors in determining protein synthesis. In fact, I look for a protein that contains 3-4 grams of leucine per serving. There is science behind this; a 2012 study published in the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition determined,

Consumption of 3–4 g of leucine is needed to promote maximum protein synthesis.

All products provided by Frog Performance falls within these boundaries containing either 3.3 or 3.5 grams of leucine per serving (product dependent). I definitely was skeptical of collagen protein but by making it a complete protein with enough leucine to induce protein synthesis (among other things) Frog Performance has changed my mind.

Frog Performance: Positives

The packaging looks amazing and Frog Fuel is incredibly convenient to take. Normally I would go out to my car after a lift and have to mix a protein shake, my car got pretty filthy from all the mixing. The convenient protein shots from Frog Performance are perfect after a workout. All you have to do is tear off the top and slam it down. The cleanup is minimal. You can also mix the contents of the package with water if you want to consume it that way.

Next we get to the taste. Compared to other proteins I have taken, the taste of Frog Fuel is pretty great.

The citrus flavor is easy to take and easy to swallow, there is no “choking down” like many proteins. It’s a great way to consume 10-15 grams of protein fast without the mess.


The added benefits of 80mg of caffeine (along with taurine and beta-alanine) in the Energized Frog Fuel can make this perfect to take before or during a workout. The caffeine will help you focus and give you energy while the protein will provide the needed amino acids to help power you through the workout.

Likewise, the Frog Fuel Ultra is great for after a workout because it not only gives you 10g of protein it also provides you with 10 grams of carbs to help you replenish protein and glucose lost during the workout and help you start repairing and building muscle right away.

Frog Performance: Negatives

The only negative thing I can find with the product is that it only provides you with 10-15 grams of protein (product dependent). Don’t get me wrong, this is great for before or during a workout, but for protein consumption after the workout is over I would rather have 20-30 grams plus that same amount through my follow-up meal.

On the other hand, this is great for the average workout and 15 grams of protein in a super convenient fashion is an ideal way to provide your body with protein until you can get home and eat your post-workout meal.

Wrap-Up: Frog Fuel Verdict

The creators of this gluten-free product did a really good job in providing a large punch for such a small convenient package! Frog Fuel offers you a versatile way to consume your protein before or during a workout while giving you plenty of protein to start repairing your muscles after a workout!


Stark M, Lukaszuk J, Prawitz A, Salacinski A (2012) Protein timing and its effects on muscular hypertrophy and strength in individuals engaged in weight-training. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 9: 54.

*Disclaimer: We have personally tried each product we review and provided our honest opinion. The products were provided free of charge.*

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