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Carbine / AK Operator


Class date:
March 20, 2021 9:00 am
Classes through:
March 21, 2021 4:00 pm

This course will focus on how to shoot and move accurately and tactically.  The carbine operator class is a two day course that will reinforce the fundamentals class, and add non-static components to effective gunfighting.  We will introduce movement and fighting platforms as well as additional gun handling skills that round out how to skillfully handle a lethal encounter.  This course is in part, bringing the physical aspect of fighting to the fundamentals aspect of safely running the gun and accurately engaging a target.  Digestion of what was learned in the Carbine Fundamentals class is paramount.  Drinking from a fire hose is still drinking but it’s not the recommended method for learning with firearms.  The mother of learning is repetition, and the repetitions need to occur, preferably in-between the fundamentals class and this course.

Carbine Operator applies the fundamentals while offering the student “tactical” methods and options to perform, or to task prioritize while under some stress.  This course is a practical exercise conducted at a live-fire range.  The student will demonstrate movement while shooting the rifle standards.  Iron sights will be used as a primary sight system for shooting the standards. Optics will be used for the remainder of class if you choose.

***RANGE FEE IS $30.00 per day***


  • Weapon operating theory,
  • Loading procedures, unloading, and reloads
  • Grip, sight picture and trigger control
  • Iron sights/optics zeroing theory and application

Carbine Operator POI (Points of Instruction)

  1. Firearms safe handling procedures
  2. Movement
  3. Malfunctions drills during decision based scenarios
  4. Low light and no light considerations
  5. Strong and support side carbine transitions
  6. Shooting from cover and barricades as it relates to “formations and structures found in urban setting.”
  7. Holds for distance
  8. CQB and transitions
  9. Ammunition requirements for hard and soft environments
  10. Multiple threat decision making and the use of deadly force
  11. Communication before during and after
  12. The student will be familiar with how the mechanical functions of the carbine and handgun operate to the satisfaction of the instructor.

Kit, each student will need to bring:

  • 800 rds primary
  • 250 rds of secondary
  • Primary and a secondary (handgun) with proper holster
  • Ear pro and eye pro
  • Clear lenses for night shoot (if scheduled)
  • Baseball style hat recommended
  • Primary weapon sling
  • Kit that can carry a minimum of four (4) primary magazines on your person


  • Weapons lube
  • Knee and Elbow pads (optional)
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Four (4) carbine and three (3) handgun magazines.
  • Chest rigs will be covered in class if you have one
  • Cleaning kit for weapons maintenance class


We also recommend packing; cleaning kit for weapons maintenance and wear comfortable clothes. Bring a lunch and enough hydration for the day. We will break for lunch, and there are BBQ joints, Subway and other choices, if you prefer to pick up lunch. Sunscreen, wet wipes and other comfort items and your friends. Pen and paper for notes.

To advance to the next class you will be tested on the following mechanical and technical skills and abilities. Scoring zones will be shown in class.

86 total rounds 90 percent to pass

1 round from low ready (-1 seconds)
6 round from the low ready (1.75 seconds)
2 rounds A low ready (1 second)
5 rounds A, 1B, low ready (2 seconds) 6 rounds
2 rounds, reload, 1 round, low ready (2 seconds) 3 rounds
Failure drill, T1 repeat T2 low ready (3 seconds) 3 rounds
5 rounds from standing 100 yard (10 seconds)
5 rounds prone 100 yards *, 5 rounds fire and maneuver to kneeling 75 yards *, 5 rounds fire and maneuver to kneeling 50 yards *, 5 rounds fire and maneuver to standing 25 yards *, 5 rounds fire and maneuver standing, reload 5 rounds, 10 yards ****(46.5 seconds total, plus 30 seconds for movement T= 76.5 seconds) 25 rounds
5 rounds standing, 5 rounds kneeling, 5 rounds prone 25 yards (12 seconds) 15 rounds
5 rounds transition to pistol 5 rounds 7 yard (7.5 seconds) 10 rounds
5 rounds linear movement (5 seconds)
5 rounds forward movement (3.5 seconds)

Carbine / AK Operator


This course will focus on how to shoot and move accurately and tactically.  The carbine operator class is a two day course that will reinforce the fundamentals class, and add non-static components to effective gunfighting.

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