The student will be introduced to the elements of knife combat.  They will understand the difference between knife combat, knife defense, and knife fighting.  They will learn how to position the knife on their bodies as well as on their tactical kit.  Students will learn how to deploy the knife from various positions (standing, kneeling, prone). 

The students will learn the anatomy of the human body in order to make proper punctures or slashes that will assist in incapacitating the body.  The students will learn proper attributes pertaining to knife combat which includes but not limited to footwork, timing, special relationship, and line familiarization.  They will be shown different knife holds and given the opportunity to choose which hold to use during the training.  Finally, the student will learn proper drills in order to master, functionalize, and maintain knife techniques in a combat environment.


  • Knife and sheath
  • Tac gear
  • H2O and snacks
  • Note pad and pen

Knife combat



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