Surefire Suppressor and Light Product Demo


Surefire will be providing suppressor demos to include timing and installation of the  flash hider / brake and proper bore alignment.  How to properly laser thread a barrel so that the threads are centric to the barrel preventing baffle strikes on a suppressor.  Surefire will be providing suppressors to test.  The suppressor line up is as follows:
1.  .22 caliber
2.  9mm
3.  5.56 mm (Mini SOCOM 2)
4.  30 Cal / 300 BLK
A few things to think about when purchasing a suppressor are blow back, weight, sound suppression (decibels), cost, length, POI shift (mounted, unmounted, repeatability), durability (rating full auto, etc), and cost.
Additionally they will be bringing the latest lighting solutions for all applications to include handheld and weapons mounted.  Surefire will be giving away prizes to participants.
This is a fun shoot and is intended for product knowledge, product testing and evaluation.  If you have questions regarding options to make purchases prior the event, please let me know and I’ll get you information.
  • Members are free.  
  • If you are not a member, you will need to pay the range fee of $50.00.  
  • If you are LE /Agency you are free, as well as you can sign up for an account for 20% off all orders.
  • If you are LE / Agency and would like to invite those in your departments please let me know.  


If you are a supplier or vendor, direct to consumer, please let me know if you would like to participate and enhance this event.