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Urban Movement With Ed Calderon


Class date:
February 6, 2021 10:00 am
Classes through:
February 7, 2021 5:00 pm


In any environment, mindset is the difference between predator and prey. This class addresses the most basic concepts of survival and movement from an urban perspective. These skills were developed and tested in operations against some of the largest and most brutal criminal organizations in the world where support and supply were rudimentary if available at all. This developed a unique minimalistic and improvisational approach to any problem, verified and measured by effectiveness in live application. With limited access to high tech, purpose-built tools, the average person can apply this understanding of repurposed materials and basic urban survival concepts to move more safely and effectively through a variety of environments.


This class is purpose driven to develop a strong tactical base from a foundation of movement. Information is approached from an evidence and experience based perspective, starting with an assessment of what is carried by individuals and how those tools are worn and used. The need for discretion and control of appearance will be discussed as a crucial aspect of movement. Once some basic concepts of urban movement are understood some universally useful skills will be covered, including: Scavenging urban scrap and developing highly effective improvised tools, covert entry vs breaking and entering, and pattern recognition.


The final element of the urban environment is its people. We will explore criminal activity with an in-depth deconstruction of predatory psychology, using a combination of case study and discussion of common criminal methodologies and patterns. Teamwork is a crucial aspect of survival, and a broad range covert and austere communication procedures will be covered. A communication skill set will provide you with the ability to communicate information in any situation.


2 Day Class: 10am – 5pm
18 yrs and older: no exceptions


*** This will be a physical class. Anyone with preexisting conditions (i.e. Heart issues, bone issues, etc.) should heed warning before signing up.


Gear list:

  • Street clothes, Bring additional set for day 2 that can be thrown away.
  • Notebook and Pen
  • Bring whatever they will need for a full day outside (snacks, water) and note-taking materials.

Urban Movement With Ed Calderon


The most basic concepts of survival and movement from an urban perspective.