Pam Branum - Instructor

Pam Branum is the owner of Lady MacGyver Firearm Training.  She is a certified NRA Handgun Instructor, License to Carry (LTC) Instructor, A Girl & A Gun Club Chapter Instructor, Personal Firearm Instructor, and has recently joined the MAST Solutions team.  Pam is a proud native Texan and has been an avid firearm enthusiast for the past 30 years. She now uses those skills to help train, educate and encourage others to shoot.  Pam is also an avid outdoorsman and some of her hobbies include bow and rifle hunting, especially wild hog hunting.  She also loves to swim and won a bronze medal in the 200 meter at the 2018 Senior World Games.  “I am a patriot and the right to bear arms is extremely near and dear to my heart.  My goal and passion is to help people take advantage of this constitutional right in a safe and responsible manner,” Branum emphasized.

Matthew Brockmann - Founder and CEO

After completing many years of training with numerous respected instructors in the firearms and tactical communities, Matthew Brockmann founded MAST Solutions.
"11, SEPT 2001. From that moment forward I changed…as we all did." Matthew decided his skills are important to the overall community if applied properly...with context.  MAST is dedicated to teaching civilians to defend themselves, Law Enforcement to defend their community, and Military personnel to defend our Country.  A leading philosophy is to learn, practice, master, functionalize, and maintain our skills in a proficient, confident and responsible context, based on our perspective environments."

Brockmann is s civilian contractor to Military, LE, as well as Homeland Security SRT.

Matthew’s instructor check rides include: Col. Jeff Cooper, Clint Smith, Bruce Grey (Sig Academy), Paul Howe, Bill Jeans (Morgan Consulting), Gabe Suarez, Rob Pincus, Travis Haley, Chris Costa, Rigo Durazo (TACFLOW / CRAFT International) Surefire Institute and Stratigos, to name a few. Matthew is also registered with TX DPS as a Personal Protection Officer (PPO) and completed Expandable Tactical Baton, Aerosol Weapons OC / CS certifications, Private Investigative Courses and is a qualified Security Manager under Texas Private Security Bureau. Additionally, he has trained with and taught alongside Tier 1 Operators from different Military and Law Enforcement Groups around the country. Matthew Brockmann is sought after by other Law Enforcement groups throughout the state of Texas.

ALEX ALBERT – VP, Range Facility & Strategy

Alex Albert is a former oil & gas industry executive with over 21 years of experience in operations, and strategy development across the globe.  During his last role as Global Standard Work Support Manager, Alex was instrumental in the development and roll out of a Connected Worker Platform throughout North & South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. He successfully instituted double digit revenue and margin growth for numerous businesses ranging from $10M - $100MUSD revenues. During his career in oil & gas industry management he received numerous awards for increasing market share, rapid business system deployment, and instituting cultural change.

As MAST Solutions Vice President Facilities & Strategy Alex is responsible for the overall management of the 36-acre training facility including land development, security, and compliance. In addition, he works closely with the rest of the executive team to develop strategies promoting growth and developing strategic partnerships.

Alex is an avid firearms enthusiast with a License to Carry Handgun, and currently holds a Brown Belt in Gracie Jiu Jitsu under Professor Romulo Reis and Master Rilion Gracie.

Torrey Kramer - Director of Training

Torrey Kramer honorably served in the US Army as an airborne infantryman from 2002-2005. During that time he was deployed to Afghanistan with with the 1/501PIR as a member of the Scout/Sniper platoon. After returning home he was honorably discharged and continued to sharpen his skills as a shooter, joining MAST Solutions in 2006. In 2009 he was called again to serve his country, and was attached to the 56th SBCT and deployed to Iraq as a member of a sniper team.  Torrey was medically retired due to injuries sustained in theater.  His leadership continues today with MAST Solutions and serves as Director of Training.

To see Torrey in ALONG RECOVERY, a documentary by Justin Springer, click here.

Rich McCusker - CTO

Rich McCusker is a former Marine Special Operations Team Leader with combat experience across the globe.  Rich is a retired full-time SWAT officer with a major metropolitan police department.  He is a current Tactical Advisor and Firearms Instructor with over 15 years instructional experience and has developed numerous tactical and firearms power point lesson plans for Federal/Military/ and local Law Enforcement tactical units. 

Rich has conducted many operations dealing with Executive/Dignitary protection throughout the world.  He has planned, executed, and consulted with many agencies regarding security operations.  Rich has trained civilians, military, federal, and local law enforcement on all aspects of security including but not limited to physical, cyber, and vehicle security.  Rich has been sought after by numerous companies and schools to help develop a safe and secure environment for employees and students.  He has developed the A.S.E.E.D. (Avoidance, Survival mindset, Evade, Escape, Defend) acronym for dealing with Active Violence in the workplace and teaches this system across the U.S.

Ehren Torres - Medic

The loudest and proudest member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 2011, I am a Licensed Paramedic with 9 years of field experience. After becoming an EMT in 2007 I have worked in both the rural and suburban setting. My diverse work experience has exposed me to many facets of the pre-hospital environment. I am comfortable with both the traditional EMS and tactical settings. I am proficient with advanced procedures and equipment associated with prolonged patient management and TCCC guidelines. I attended the Basic Tactical Operational Medical Support Course through Cypress Creek EMS in 2012 and currently serve as a SWAT Paramedic for a part–time team. I enjoy the challenges of tactical medicine and strive to “bring good medicine to bad places.”

  • TDSHS Licensed Paramedic
  • NREMT-Paramedic
  • American Heart Association Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • American Heart Association Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  • Advanced Medical Life Support
  • Prehospital Trauma Life Support
  • Certified Tactical Paramedic
  • American Heart Association Basic Life Support for Healthcare Provider
  • International Police Mountain Bike Association – EMS Cyclist


“The name and culture of MAST Solutions came about as a non-tacticool company in a heavily Spartan-esk themed and and now bearded market. I believe in lifestyle.

I believe in deliberate work, mental and physical discipline.  In commitment to a whole and individual thought.  I believe that you must train successfully to be successful, and that failure is a by-product of the repetitions that create success.  It’s the dedication we talk about with our kids.

For me, it has to be the uncompromising commitment to excellence…because i have found my reason in my life to live.  Find the reason in your life…and protect it, because time is something we can’t buy back with an insurance policy or  life insurance.  MAST Solutions.  Insurance. noun. a thing providing protection against a possible eventuality.”

– Matthew Brockmann| Founder MAST Solutions



Along Recovery by Justin Springer is an intimate documentary  portrait of the signature wound of Afghanistan and Iraq — traumatic brain injury (TBI).  The film chronicles the recovery of four US soldiers evacuated from combat for treatment at the Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas

With unprecedented access to film inside the Army’s flagship hospital, Along Recovery depicts the exhaustive regimen of therapy and mind altering medications that each soldier is prescribed during treatment.  Away from the hospital, each soldier readjusts to post-combat life under the foggy haze of a brain injury.  Relationships with family and friends are tested as each soldier struggles with headaches, cognitive deficits, and other symptoms of their injuries, including post traumatic stress.  Following months of treatment, a medical review board determines each soldier’s fate; return to military service or reintegration into civilian life.

See the documentary here


MAST Solutions has trained and taught boy-scouts, kids camps, ladies only classes, private leadership events for corporate executives, fire departments, PD’s, U.S. military and cleared US citizens since 2004.

MAST Solutions honors a 100% money back guarantee. If you come to a series of instruction and feel that you didn’t learn anything, or perhaps you’re short on rent…let us know, and the class is on us.  Guaranteed.

Our series of classes begins with syllabus I, and it (loosely) follows the progression as outlined below.

level I. 70% is hands on lecture with demonstration and student participation.  100% of level I is accuracy driven and building solid fundamentals.  The student will leave this series with 25-30% of the skills as homework prior to attending a series II course. Drills are a large part of this series. Students will be given drills and rudiments to work through.

Level II is 70% pushing fail points of the fundamentals and added weapons manipulations. Previous skills for accuracy is added and partnered with maximizing the economy of motion.  30% will be layering new skill sets while continuing the fundamental mastery, of level I.  Pushing range and balancing accuracy generally occurs here.  Drills are put together and functional scenarios are explored. Students will have minimal homework, however not required to be completed to join the following series.

Level III is 50% new material layered over I and II. Completing the “scenarios” built of multiple drills, with the addition of identifying the threat.  In level III understanding and being compliant with Chapter 9 of the TX Penal Code, as well as non-violent dispute resolution is exercised.  Force-on-force is introduced.

Level IV is 70% new skills over level III with increased angles and added degrees of visual importance.  30% of class will add threat recognition and communication into the drill.  Scenarios will begin to incorporate force on force to induce stress. Students will be asked to complete homework that is recommended for advanced courses.

Advanced; is the ability to “work” inside a faster paced environment while making decisions with 100% positive threat recognition, accuracy during engagement while under stress.  To be advanced you harmonize economy of motion into mindset and movement and then couple it with solid fundamentals.  This is the only way to achieve and perform well while negotiating structures with layers of communicating and complex problems in a fast paced and reactive (advanced) environment. Then we layer on being able to succinctly and effectively communicate in a team environment or as an individual in an urban setting rounding out your leadership process.


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