This is by far the best version of the best sling on the market (in my opinion).

Ranger Proof makes quality, 100% USA made and sourced slings, tested and refined by 75th dudes.

I buy and recommend Ranger Proof not just because it’s vetted by some serious dudes I trust (vetting done in full battle rattle), or because it’s 100% hand stitched from products sourced, built, designed, packaged and delivered in the US…it’s because The guys that run the business, give a 100% guarantee on the product (for whatever reason…if you get bored of it you can send it back and they will refund your money without question).

They don’t care what your policies are, what branch you may or may not have served in, or your affiliations. They only care about their product, and their customers.

LMK what color you want. Black. Green. Tan. Pink. Cost is $70 per unit and shipping will be applied based on destination.